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The basics:

Getting started

To develop a website with the ASP.NET Web Forms framework, you actually just need the .NET framework (preferably the latest version) and a simple text editor, e.g. Notepad or which ever text editor you prefer. You can then write your code in the editor and use the commandline compiler included in the .NET framework to compile your code. Some people will even prefer this "back to basics" way of doing things, but I believe that ASP.NET is best programmed with a decent IDE.

IDE 集成开发环境

IDE代表集成开发环境(Integrated Development Environment)。通常把编辑器,工程管理与一个或几个编译器集成在一起。可能还会集成很多其它工具。在这个教材中,我们用微软免费的Visual Studio Community。它免费,容易安装和使用!你也可以使用其它IDE,也可以用简单的编辑器编辑这个教材中的大部分内容。但是如果你用Visual Studio Community,会有很多益处。用一个好的IDE,可以使你事半功倍。

下载Visual Studio Community

那么,为了开始这个教程,请前往visualstudio.com下载Visual Studio社区版本。请使用这个链接进入下载页面:

As soon as you have downloaded and installed it, you are ready to proceed with the next articles, where we will create your very first ASP.NET website.


不同担心,他同时拥有支持macOS的版本,请使用上面的链接并确保你选择了Visual studio Community的macOS版本

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